Exact Capital is a diversified real estate development firm built on more than three decades of experience. We are principally engaged in the acquisition, finance, development, and management of mixed use residential and commercial real estate. Our primary focus has been within the boroughs of New York City where our market experience provides us with a strategic advantage in responding to the nuances of market trends.

Exact Capital’s development team is comprised of dedicated professionals with uncompromising integrity. Our team’s rich set of experiences, perspectives, and skills cut across all aspects of the real estate development cycle which allow us to achieve a high level of effectiveness throughout our portfolio. We are committed to developing real estate assets to their highest and best use, while honoring the obligations of our partners and the distinctive characteristics of the communities we serve.

Our development team works with community members and both private and public sector institutions to add value to neighborhoods by transforming blighted structures, vacant lots, and other non-performing or underperforming real estate into value added assets. Our goal is to develop an asset to its highest potential in order to heighten and integrate its contribution to the surrounding vicinity while creating value for our stakeholders.